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Developed by Landlords for Landlords.

Managing your Properties has never been easier.

Our solution is designed to help you grow by allowing you to better manage your properties. We help reduce costs and headaches while improving both the landlord and tenant experience. Access our user-friendly portal at any time, anywhere, and simplify your property management efforts.


Our solution empowers the little guy. This is the age of do-it-yourself!

Keep It Organized

Everything you could need to manage, all stored and organized in one place!

Play it Safe

Enforce limited privileges and visibility to ensure privacy and security.

First 30 Days Free, Always.

KoreDoor always offers 30 days for you to use our full application completely free without a credit card on file. No catches, no restrictions. If you like it, it’s all yours with no hidden fees or internal purchase requirements. It’s that good.

Key Features



View Agreements & Property Info

Pay Rent & Fees

Submit Maintenace Requests

View Payment/Maintenance History




Collect Tenant Applications

Organize Properties

Send Auto Text/Email Alerts

Create Legal Tickets

Perform Basic Accounting

Property Managers


Communicate with Landlords

Send Invoices

Organize Landlords & Properties

Request Landlord Approvals

Plus All Landlord Capabilities

Promoting Better Communication

KoreDoor allows for clear communication between you and your managed landlords or tenants. Users can add notes, comments, documents, pictures, maintenance requests, and more to ensure that all parties can provide and have access to the information they need. Admins can even set up automatic email and text alerts triggered by specific events to prevent missed communications and automate tedious tasks.

We Keep You Organized

Never lose track of files or records. Reference tenant or property information quickly and easily. View a history of tenant-landlord communication, payments, maintenance, notices, agreements, etc. Manage account privileges and monitor user activity.
The KoreDoor platform allows you to track and collect rent payments, manage your AP/AR, generate invoices from work orders or from scratch. Our software can be your two-in-one solution, reducing headache and the risks of poor accounting. Your work has never been more simple.

The Right Choice

As a cloud-based solutions company composed of multiple individuals from the tech and real-estate industries, KoreDoor combines the best knowledge and experience of both worlds to make a winning solution As landlords, we understand the day-to-day challenges of owning and managing properties. To overcome these specific challenges, our team has developed a simple yet practical property management platform. New useful features are added to our portal every day.

Don’t see something you need? Let us know, and we’ll make it happen. Our team and combined innovation make the job of our landlords that much easier.


No upfront costs. No hidden fees. Always.


Whether you’re a single-property landlord or an enterprise level property management company, our solution can take your operation to the next level. Of course, every option comes with the first 30 days free with no credit card, always.

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